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What Products Can We Have As A Snacking

There is a common question in the mind of all people, what to eat apart from the 3 main meals a day. People gets very confused in eating snacks because it causes weight gain. People tend to have fries, nachos, junk food, sugary items like donuts, churros, muffins and cakes along with a cup of tea which ultimately results in weight gain. It is not eventually good for health. We all need some snacks at school, college, university, hospitals, office, salons etc. because without that we can’t survive a whole day. We need to have it to keep our self-energized as it maintains the sugar level. When we are active, we can give our best and can easily achieve our goals. It also decreases depression in most of the people.  

Now, the big question arises here is that what to eat which fulfils the need of a body as well as healthy and do not increase much weight.

The Healthy Snacks:

Following are the list of a few things which can be consumed as monthly snack box anywhere anytime. It doesn’t suppress the hunger and at the same time boost up the energy level to stay awake and active during a day.


  • Pop Corns:


Pop corn are low in calories but it tastes as good a junk food. We do not need much oil in making it so there is no harm and fear that we are putting up fat. We can have a cup or two per day to fulfil the desire of small hunger.


  • Biscuits:


There are many cookies available that are healthy. They are made of honey, wheat, whole wheat flour, and oats. We can consume a packet which consist of 4 small slabs along with a cup of tea. 


  • Nuts:


Nuts are a pure source of proteins and other nutrition’s that is essential and mandatory for a body. We can have a hand full of walnuts, pistachios and almonds any time a day. It increases the magnesium and potassium in our body and brain works more efficiently.


  • Fruits:


Fruits are the natural source of sugar. The sugar syrup that fruits have contain no side effects for human body. It is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So, fruits are necessary for human being.


  • Energy Bars:


Suppose, we didn’t get time to have lunch or breakfast due to a tough schedule but of course, we can’t survive without a food. So, in this situation energy bars work wonders. They are lifesaving. WE can have all the necessary nutrition’s from having a bar which is equivalent to a meal.

So, if you are looking for sources from where you can get a box of healthy snacks daily at your workplace. home or educational institute then snack wize is a place for you. We offer vegan subscription box at your doorstep.

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