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What Does A Stand-up Comedian Do?

Many people and especially youngsters aspire to become stand-up comedian because they think why not earn money buy just laughing and making other people laugh than doing a full time job. But as simple as it may sound, the path that leads towards the success of the stand-up comedian success have many challenges in it.

The job summary:

The question whose answer is fair and simple is that the only objective of the job of Sydney stand up comedy is to get on a stage, entertain people and make them laugh. It depends on you whatever kind of comedy type you chose to perform in, you need to write it before and practice it. The length of this act is dependent on the time given to the comedian by the host of the event on which he will be performing. This time could be between few minutes to even hours. It is the trait of the expert and successful comedian that in his free time, when he is not performing, he always writes innovative and creative contents and prepares for his next performances. This sums up the entire job of the stand-up comedian.

What tells you if this field is right for you?

Comedy could be anything which makes the audience laugh but there must be some traits and personality attributes which tell that this field is right for you. If you are a person who likes to communicate, go to different new places, meet with different people then this is the field you could choose. If you are the person who cracks jokes and make people laugh, then perhaps you should get on a stage and give it a try. If it works for some people, then it could make laugh many other people as well and this is how you could get your first break in the stand-up comedy. The confidence is very important in this case and another thing which is important is the practice. You cannot expect your act to work without rehearsing it and just getting on the stage and saying whatever comes in your mind. Maybe in the later years of your career when you have gained enough experience and knowledge then you are able to perform without prior rehearse and written act. The stand-up comedian must have enough patience against the critiques who are also called the hecklers. You must know that not everyone will find your jokes funny, if you made ten people laugh then there could be one or two who did not find it amusing or funny and there is high chance that they will talk back at you when you are on stage but what you have to do is to be patient and positive and give them either a witty or polite reply so that they could be shut off.

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