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The Role Of A Plumber In Residential, Commercial And Industrial Areas

Besides a person’s name, he is known by his profession, the profession in which he specializes. For instance, a person who knows to do surgery is known as surgeon, a person who fixes the electrical systems is known as electrician and a person who repairs the vehicles is knows as a mechanic. Similarly, a person who knows to install, repair and maintain the pipelines is known as a plumber Lake Macquarie. Mostly, people associates plumbers only with water pipeline systems but that is not the case because there are many other such related things which a plumber can easily fix or repair. As we know who plumber is, let us shed some light on the role of a plumber in residential, commercial and industrial areas, which we are going to discuss in this article.


A plumber is a person who knows everything and anything about plumbing services. These plumbing services include installation, fixation and maintenance of broken pipelines systems. These pipeline systems can either be gas pipelines or water pipelines. However, the work of a plumber is not only limited to fixation of pipelines but he also installs the. Moreover, a plumber can also repair the house appliances like washing machine, dishwasher, etc. A plumber is needed all areas be it a residential area, industrial area or a commercial are.

Role of a plumber in residential area:

The role of a plumber in residential area is limited to domestic fixation of pipelines. Installation of pipeline system, repairement of broken toilet, fixation of broken sink, cleaning of clogged drainage and all other such plumbing services comes under the category of residential area.

Role of a plumber in industrial area:

In industrial areas, Plumber Newcastle NSW interprets blueprints and building specifications of installing pipelines in industries. He assembles fittings and valves for installations. A plumber also chooses plumbing materials based on budget, location and the quantity that is going to be used for installation of a pipeline system.  Both in industrial and residential areas, plumber installs heating and air-conditioning systems as well along with the help of electricians and steamfitters.

Role of a plumber in commercial areas:

The role of a plumber in commercial areas is almost similar to his role in residential and industrial areas. In commercial areas, a plumber performs the inspection of plumbing system and sees if any pipeline system needs to be fixed or not. He analyses the problem and identifies appropriate tools for fixation. Moreover, a plumber in commercial area also writes the report in which he documents the problem and actions that were taken to overcome that problem.


A plumber is a person who knows to fix, repair and install the pipeline systems, be it a water pipeline system or a gas pipeline system.  A plumber plays an important role in installing and fixing the pipelines of residential, commercial and industrial areas. “Muscardin plumbing” provides the best plumbing services across New Castle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast.

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