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Pros And Cons Of Hemp Bags

Hemp is often touted as a wonder plant. In many ways, it is a wonder plant. It can revolutionise healthcare and building industries. It is used it can also be used to make hemp bags. Hemp bags have many benefits over traditional bags. They can be procured at a much cheaper rate than jute shopping bags Australia. They are also longer lasting. Unlike plastic bags, they do not have to be disposed off after use. They can be recycled many times. They can be recycled for as many as ten to twelve times and still feel as good as new. Hemp bags can also be cleaned. They are waterproof. This makes them washable and ensures easy cleanliness.

Since hemp bags can be cleaned easily, this makes them more suitable for keeping food and other such things than plastic and cloth bags. A single hemp bag can be cleaned ten to fifteen times a day. A cloth bag on the other hand can only be cleaned three to four times a day. Hemp bags are also virtually unbreakable. They do not rip, tear or break apart. They are also stretchable. A single bag of two kilos can contain up to fifteen kilos of goods without breaking apart. This makes them excellent containers. They can be used for industrial usage as well.

One of the best things about hemp bags is the speed with which they can be repeated. A factory making hemp bags can make as many as two to three tons of hemp bags in a single shift. A single working day has as many as three eight hour shifts. This means that as many as fifteen to sixteen tons of hemp calico bags can be manufactured in a single day. This is way more than any plastic factory can manage. Another benefit of hemp bags is that they do not have the bad things associated with them that plastic bags to. With few exceptions, most of the public views them favourably.

But there is a drawback when it comes to hemp bags. They are more expensive to make as they also require large quantities of raw materials in the form of raw hemp plants. In places where food is scarce and land is used to make food crops, there might not be any land available for growing hemp for raw material for making hemp bags. In this case the raw material for hemp bags would have to be imported or otherwise finished hemp bags will need to be imported. This will drive the costs up and might cause the hemp bags to become prohibitively expensive. This might mean that substitutes such as plastic bags will turn out to be cheaper. Therefore locally cultivated hemp is important for cheap hemp bags.

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