Locksmiths – Then And Now


Lock smith job is one of the oldest professions known to mankind, with the first recorded work dating over 2500 years old. This dates back to when humanity was first experiencing an evolution, back to the time the pyramids of Giza were being built. Such is the history of this profession. But first, let us look at what a locksmith does. Lock smith job is the art of making and opening locks. This includes opening locks that do not have a key or just making special locks that cannot be easily broken. People give a lot of importance to this profession in some countries as they require the locksmith in Adelaide to have prior formal education and have to learn from an employer or work as an apprentice to someone. 

History and important things to know

As mentioned this profession has been around for almost 2500 years and has a rich history. Initially starting with wood, this era of locksmith job was easier than later ones, as the lock picker only had to learn the craft of woodwork, which was relatively easier and well known. Later when metalwork became more known to these locks was then made of metals. This was harder to break open so it required a certain set of skills which was relatively harder. Hence the work and need for locksmiths spread like wildfire. They were needed everywhere, from opening locks without keys to making special locks that were hard to crack so that they could protect more valuable assets. During that industrial revolution when locks started being mass-produced in large industries, the need for locksmiths decreased because now the factories did not need new designs for locks but only changed the designs a few times and then rather than changing it constantly. However, locksmiths were still needed to open the locks so their importance did not diminish completely.  

The profession in this era

 It isn’t possible to forget the importance of locksmiths now. This profession is now widespread which is mind blowing considering that it is not enforced by law now. Many countries now require the locksmiths to have prior education and should have worked as an intern to a known master locksmith and under their guidance should have learnt from them the art of lock smith job. However, some countries do not have this restriction; they do not require the locksmith to have any prior education but should only have known knowledge about locks and how to open them most effectively. Although many locksmiths today do not provide their services as lock makers, some old locksmiths are known to make the best locks in the market which are hard to crack, so they are currently employed by very large firms and companies to make and crack locks as to identify the loopholes in their security. 

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