Importance Of Couple Counselling

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Now a day’s divorce rate is getting high day by day, it is a figure that mostly divorce happen in a result of first marriage. Divorce rates vary with couple to couple by their mental level, beliefs about religion and level of education.

Divorce happens with different reasons just like that it also has different results on children of that specific couple, divorce affects vary from person to person like adults take it as a traumatic event of their life that resulted in un certainty about future in adults, but if children of small age got affected then they may experience rejection, inferiority complex, guilt, hatred feelings, anger, anxiety, stubbornness.

So, when facing issues, they should seek couple counselling in perth.

  1. Lack of communication

If a couple is fighting or arguing with each other than it would be difficult to get this conversation back to the right direction from worse condition, so sometimes it’s better to be quiet. Negative comments from one partner can be the reason for other one to feel depressed, insecure or wanting to leave the conversation or place, in this matter tone matters a lot, like it’s important to remember that how you say, how did you argue with other person, in which tone. Nonverbal communication like physical abuse also hurt the feelings of partner.

  1. Suspicions

If one partner is having an affair then it hurt the other one obviously, and recovering from it is difficult but not impossible, but the person should have strong will power to come out of it, if both partners are willing and determined to save their marriage or want to live together, they can move on.

  1. Too much possessiveness

When couple feel the need for counselling like they are having issues which creates misunderstandings and gap between them, they become more like unknown persons to each other.it means that there is lack of communication, understanding and intimacy, then a good and skilled clinician can help them sort their issue out.

  1. Conflict resolution

Understanding between a couple matters a lot for both of them. They should know each other enough, they should know how to resolve issues but if they feel like they can’t solve issue, or feel like stuck in any issue so they should involve the skilled clinician to play a role of mediator between them and get them out of the issue.

  1. Negativity and pessimism

If a person is depressed and stressed then his/her face expresses his feelings, these feelings could be hide under a mask of smile, but it could not be possible for a long time. The guild and anger hidden inside a person can turn into a harmful behaviour and cruel kind of communication. Negative feeling and thinking harm the couple. A good clinician can help couple to resolve the issues.

  1. Just get separated

When a couple continues fighting or arguing and separation seems to be the last solution for them so they should know that they need a counselling and need to talk to each other to solve their issue if they both can’t they should consult to a good clinician, because getting absent from home, staying out of home, spending time away from each other is not the solution or is does not solve the issue but it leads to divorce.      

  1. Compromises

If couple wants to be together for the sake of children, and also know that they are able to resolve issues and make their relation healthier then it is a best decision for them. For more information visit fremantlecounselling.com.au.

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