Have You Ever Seen A Pink Salt?

Yes you have heard it right, a salt, that too pink in color! Well if you are confused, let’s clear your confusion first, yes you know it right that a salt is white in color, but there is one obtained from the Himalayas, and it is pink in color. It is a natural product, not a processed one, so is completely safe for consumption purposes in foods as well as other uses. This salt is extracted from the Himalayan range in Pakistan; this salt which is pink in appearance forms deep within sea bed and it is one of a kind as it contains not one or two but eighty four different minerals and elements. It is an ancient salt as it is formed over hundreds of years ago and is undoubtedly one of the most pure forms of salt available on earth as it had been kept away within the layers of the earth away from impurities and pollution.

This himalayan pink salt Australia obtained from the Himalayas have eighty four natural elements or minerals, most of which can already be traced in a human body. Some of the minerals are: magnesium, calcium, zinc and a few more. If consumed this salt has many advantages, one being that your body functions well when the nutrient and mineral intake is proper.  Apart from cooking, it is also used by people for Brine Therapy. If you haven’t heard what brine therapy is, it is the act of soaking your feet in warm water containing salt.

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The drive that runs Nuuvee is that they want as many people as possible to benefit from the advantages of natural minerals. Ranging from magnesium salt and oil to citric acid to pink Himalayan salt, they have everything in store, so do have a look before you buy! If you want one or two products or want to purchase in bulk, you can do it all, for personal purchase, you can order online, but for wholesome purchase you first get an approximate quote before purchasing.

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