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Comparisons Between Land Dispute And Environment/planning Layers

environment and planning lawyers

It won’t be incorrect to say that there are as many types of lawyers as many branches of law are there or sometimes even more. Let us take an instance of one such branch of law known as family law in which legal quarrels and disagreements among the family members are sorted in court houses. The lawyers who practices family law are known as family lawyers but they further can be classified as divorce lawyers, alimony lawyers, property settlement lawyers and so on. Similarly; there is another branch of law known as criminal law in which all of the criminal activities are handled. The lawyers in general who practice criminal law are known as criminal lawyers who further can be classified as prosecutors, defendant and solicitors; on the basis of the services that they provide. We are going to discuss about two types of lawyers who belong to two different branches of law. In this article; we will be comparing the services of land dispute lawyers and environment / planning lawyer.

Land dispute lawyers:

 As the name implies; land dispute lawyers are the kind of lawyers who fight cases on the behalf of their client to get them their right of the property. All of the legal cases involving property related issues like property claims, authorization, transactions or conveyancing are handled by the property dispute lawyers. We have seen many examples of second party trying to forcefully take away the property of the right owner. Then many property settlement issues and quarrels are seen within the family members. All of these scenarios can only be sorted by taking the case in the court house where the judgement passed will be considered as the final verdict by both of the opposing parties.

Environment and planning lawyers:

Our environment has given so much to us that even if we cannot give it all back but still we can do a little something for it. The environment and planning branch of law is doing this little something for the environment as well as for their clients. It is the environment and planning lawyers who fight for the betterment of the environment. If these lawyers see any factor that might affect the environment by building a particular project of their client’s firm so they advice their client not do so as it will harm the environment as well as the government can sue their client’s firm because of its possible chances of affecting the mother nature. Environment and planning lawyers fight for the environment for their client and for their job.


There are different types of lawyers who practices different branches of law. Each of these lawyers excels in their respective field and tries to provide their client with the rights that they deserve. “Bick and Steele” offers the services of best land dispute lawyers as well as environmental planning lawyers in sydney.

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